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 Department of Economics

Welcome to the Economics Department of the University of Minho, one of the leading economics departments in terms of research and teaching of economics in Portugal.

The research carried out in the department has been growing both in quality and quantity, which is the result of a group of dynamic academics who are determined to contribute with robust economic analyses and empirical evidence that allows better understanding of economic phenomena, and help policy decision-making.

The excellence of the Economics Department research has also been recognized by several national and international prizes, by the growing collaboration with public and private entities and, also, by the growing presence of its members in the media.

The majority of its members do their research in the Centre for Research in Economics and Management (NIPE) and is involved in various activities such as the internationally renowned Summer School, workshops, seminars and conferences.

Our research activities are also at the heart of the quality and innovative nature of our teaching programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The Economics Department is responsible for the Bachelor in Economics and the Bachelor in International Business, the latter in partnership with the Management Department.

The Department is also responsible for the Master in Economics, the Master in Industrial and Firm Economics, the Master in Monetary, Banking and Financial Economics, the Master in Social Economics and the PhD in Economics.

Join us! Together we will find solutions to global problems in the areas of economic growth, markets, business, employment, health, environment, regulation, banking and finance, public policy, social economy and many other issues that affect both economies and societies. Let us be active partners in our future!

For more information about our research activities and collaboration with society and teaching programs visit:

- the personal page of each researcher or see our Reading list on IDEAS

- our undergraduate and graduate programs, masters and Ph.D. program.

​Head of the Department
Deputy-head of the Department