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 Department of Management



​​Consisting of a young faculty, the Department of Management is composed of 39 career teachers, holding a PhD degree. With a clear focus on the pedagogical and scientific valorisation of its members, it has been progressively asserting itself in the field of research in management, with a growing number of international scientific publications.


This Department comprises five disciplinary groups – accounting; finance; marketing and strategic management; quantitative methods; and organisational behaviour and human resource management. It offers courses panning from the first to the third cycle, and which cover for all the aforementioned 


At the level of the 1st cycle, the degree in Management is the most successful teaching project. More recently, the department also offers evening degree courses which are taught after 18:00 until 22:00, in particular the degrees in Accounting and Marketing, as well as the already established one in International Business, a joint degree with the Department of Economics within the School of Economics and Management. It also offers course units in many other degree courses taught by University of Minho schools and institutes. It is worth highlighting the courses held by the MD under the UMinho option, which includes course units in entrepreneurship, introduction to management, knowledge management and innovation, and ethics in management.


It is deemed important to mention that the department strategically seeks to develop the 2nd and 3rd cycles. It currently offers six Masters and three Ph.D Programmes (two of which are jointly offered with other universities), with over 700 graduate students.


At the level of the 2nd cycle, it offers two broadband management Masters - the Master in Management Studies and in Health Care Units Management - which are intended to endow graduates with management skills in various areas; and four specialised Masters – the Master in Accounting; Finance; Human Resource Management; and in Marketing and Strategy - which provide advanced training in each one of these areas. It also shares with the Department of Economics the Master in International Business and it participates in offering course units in the Integrated Master in Engineering and Management of Information Systems along with the School of Engineering.


As for the third cycle, the department offers three doctorate courses: The Ph.D in Business Administration; the Ph.D in Accounting; and the Ph.D in Marketing and Strategy (both of the latter ones are jointly offered with other national universities).


The Department of Management strategically seeks to go international. In addition to participating in the teaching of courses in foreign Lusophone countries (e.g. Angola, Cape Verde, Timor), it exchanges annually over 30 students within the framework of the Erasmus + Programmes and other Co-operation Agreements, not to mention the increasing number of international students currently pursuing their Master and Ph.D Degrees.


Do feel welcome at the Department of Management. It is our wish that our teaching and research projects are in line with your expectations!​

Head of the Department
​Deputy-head of the Department​​